The best ways to upgrade under a budget

Everyone wants their car to look cooler and faster. The first place for most people after the dealership is the customization store. Before having to replace the car roof lining Sydney, there are many ways through which one could upgrade their cars without breaking the bank.
Before thinking about the roof lining, deal with the fundamental parts. Ask any serious driver what the difference is between a good and great car and chances are that breaks will be at the top of the list. When thinking about making the car faster, slowing down is not the first thing many think of. It however has to happen every time a corner comes around. Better brakes reduce time on the throttle before entry. Good brakes will also keep the wheel clean without the grey brake dust.
Getting a paint job is another way through which one can upgrade the car. Go for something unique, and paint roof lining or a racing strip. Choose a shade of color that is hard to find on the typical stock car. Another common alternative to save cash is the vinyl wrap. Matte paint is another common alternative which looks better than the normal paint job.
The car owner will definitely have to work on the engine to get the best out of it. The best to go about it today is through ECU tuning. Especially for factory turbo engines, CU tuning involves a simple software upgrade. However, one must choose a reputable tuner who knows their way around engines. Just because one can change the maximum rev count in RPM does not necessarily mean it can be done. 

Few things about the upgrade of a car are purely for aesthetics. When it comes to wheels, the first thing the car owner must think about is performance, and not the looks. Look for a reputable supplier or manufacturer. A good tire improves the handling of the car by reducing things like the unsprung weight. New wheels will definitely improve the looks of the car, but style considerations should not get in the way of what really matters, substance.
Weight of the engine is another important factor to consider. The weight of the engine is important if it is spinning. The engine turns shafts and any extra weight it exerts on these moving parts only reduces the power it could be applying to the wheels on the tarmac. Reduce the weight of the moving parts attached to the engine improves the throttle response and gives the car more power.
But upgrades must also consider the looks of the car, especially the interior. Changing the interior upholstery can cost a lot, but can also be done wisely to save money. Go for a unique color scheme and pattern that will look uniquely different from the custom. Take care of the problem areas, like the seats, coffee cup holders and car roof lining replacement. There is no need of breaking the bank on anything that will look just the same as a custom seat replacement. Upholstery should look and feel unique.